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Whats your go to post?

Times ticking and we know that we need to post on our social media today, but haven't planned anything and time has just ran away with us, we aren't following a chart or social media planner so we know what to post and when. We prefer to be a little spontaneous and post things as they pop into our heads.

What is your go to post?

Do you go for an Inspirational quote, a funny story, a question , cute puppy pic, product launch etc...

The main decision to make when posting to you feed is


If you don't know this then it can be really difficult to keep things on the right path. Not only in that shear moment of panic because we have nothing planned but throughout the journey of our business development.

I had this early on too and until I worked out who my ideal client was I felt like I was just winging it.

One of the first steps we take when dealing with marketing is discovering our brand and with that is discovering who we will serve.

Its ok to post a picture on a Sunday with our feet up, people can relate, but this may seem a little strange to our new followers and browsers that are coming across our posts for the first time., So a little more explanation then "RELAXING SUNDAY" may be required.

Who we are? Why we are here? Who are we targeting?

Remembering our audience when posting to social media is a vital part of the plan!

Can we post that quote, will the audience know who its by. I love a great quote and try to include them in my feed every other day, I have ones from Walt Disney and Dr Seuss and even from fictional characters like Sirius Black from the Harry Potter books., But I always try to make sure that either the quote is representative of the industry I am serving/ I am in, or the challenges we face as entrepreneurs or business owners. All this is relatable for my followers and my feed and I always back up the image with a good caption, with a selection of tried and tested hashtags.

The world of social media can be pretty daunting when you get underneath all the pretty stuff and the perfectly formed grids, having time to figure it all out when you just want to run your business and not having time to do hashtag research or keep upto date with algorithms that are ever changing can make things seem totally impossible.

October Sky is here to help with as much assistance as you require, you can hand the keys completely to us if you wish, or stay in control by signing up to partial management or just strategies packages all of which are to come soon!

Until next time., Have a great day and make someone smile!

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