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Saturdays are for....?

In the world of entrepreneurship Saturdays can have so many meanings. every one is different and whether Saturday is a day for fun with the kids, a day of housework, or a day of work, we are always keen to discover what Saturday looks like for everyone else.

We love Saturdays and I personally always try to find a way to learn something new on a Saturday, especially if I am taking a little of time out of my schedule for me.

Whether it is doing an online course, or reading an article I am interested in, listening to a podcast or meeting with people, I always try to gain something from it.

This morning has been a busy one, I dropped my eldest at training early, came home to do some chores, got back to the pool for a meeting, followed by a team talk where I learnt some new practices that i will be able to implement during my teaching groups on Sundays and have just returned home to catch up on some admin and write this blog post of course.

So what has this got to do with my business and why on earth would I post about this.


Social media is a way for us to truly connect with our audience, give them an insight into the " behind the scenes" action, this gains trust, respect meaning that they hold you in a higher regard and think of you as a leader in your field in your location. You become the go to and the person that they talk to there friends about when recommending your service or product.

Sharing posts that are nothing to do with sales, but sharing an interest with your audience will often generate more interactions on your post than something that is targeted at a specific item or service.

I strongly believe in mixing it up and this will be explained more in our resources section which will be live on the website very soon! Month by month we follow a planner to schedule our posts and know what to post when.

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Until next time, Have a great day and let us know in the comments what you are upto today!

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