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How much time do you spend creating content?

We all spend various amounts of time creating content for our various social media feeds. Whether you are one to pre plan or are a little more sporadic and spontaneous, from selecting an image, to writing a caption, selecting current and relevant hashtags all takes time, but how much time is too much time?

Do you spend the last few days of the month getting your posts drafted, ready for the next month, or do you plan them all out in January. Do you spend a day a week searching through Shutterstock or are you more of an adhock kind of instagrammer?

All these are correct and everyone does it differntly, it can be hard to stay in line with current trends, if you create all your content in January, It can be hard to make some time to get the shot and write the caption when you are busy doing other things. It can be difficult to allow a few days or even just one creating content when there are orders stacking up and invoices to send. How can you stay engaged with your audience if all your posts are scheduled and you don't visit your page feeds a few times a day?

I have always been a fan of getting my content sorted around a week in advance, so while things are happening and I am being reactive i don't need to worry about getting the content ready for you. I have been a little off my game this past week as the world is a crazy place at the moment and I have been focusing on my family. We have had a few bouts of illness and thought we don't feel we have been infected with the Covid-19 virus, we are just being careful and concentrating on spending time together.

So why do I try to work a week in advance. simple answer for my sanity!

I used to be an adhock kinda girl and loved uploading stuff as and when the feeling strikes, But this is not condusive to getting the right message accross especially on a business page, personal accounts, well thats fine, but in business everything needs to flow and needs to have some sort of relevance to what is happening in your business, your industry, your wins, your losses, your audience!

So how do you sit and create a weeks worth of content in one sitting, that is relevant, current to trends and includes content for noteable dates?

I have been pretty busy this week and have created a few handy tools to help you get your creative mind working and make things a little easier to plan.

We have a calendar tool for you with notable dates, some formal and some utterly bizarre, we also have a ready and waiting 30 DAYS OF SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT to prompt you and guide you through that creative slump!


More content will be added soon and we have some exciting things to come this year!

So for now go take a look around our exciting new page and get you social media plan together, whether it be for a week or the next month!

Have a great day!

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