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How are you adapting your time?

Well as we are now in week 8 of lockdown and have all got out of the pajamas all day feels and started to actually acheive normal daily tasks, like taking a shower before 2pm, have three square meals consisting of vegetables and not just toast ever few hours we felt that it is important to start a conversation and want to share how we have adapted our timetable during this crazy time.

Many have abandoned co working office spaces where they regularily frequented, some have handed in leases and others are either working from home full time or are doing on average 3 hours per day, but without the commute there seems to be a little extra time.

What tools are you now using to help you and your team stay connected and on top of tasks, if you are a freelancer or loan worker like me you may have to work out a way to actually stay motivated and get the stuff done, staring at you, day in day out and not getting distracted with the Laundry, or my favourite new hobby, scrolling through pinterest looking for dreamy locations to escape to.

I was able to take a few weeks off and actually spend time with the kids and though this may mean I am a poor business women, it means that I am a good mum and taking the time out to be with them and support them through this alien experience was the most important thing I could have done for them. don't get me wrong I did enter this lock down phase thinking that I could work full time at home, just plug my headphones in and ignore the kids while they try to home school them selves but within the first hour I realised that this was not going to be the case.

I know others that run their own businesses that have had to shut down for a while to focus on the family that is now at home as schools and nurserys are closed and I know others that are just ploughing through adapting their working hours to suit their new schedule.

So I have taken a few weeks off and I am very lucky to have been able to do that, but last week I decided it was time to get my head back into things and let people know that I am still here.

The ways I have adpated is that I have been staggering my working hours. I was always a fan of working a set day, whether that started at 8-4 or 9-5, but i have relised that this is just not practicle now that the kids are at home.

So I have created a new working day.

I start work around 7am - 8:30am

Then get the kids sorted, breakfast, clean the kitchen, sort them with their tasks, put a load of washing on. Once i know that they are sorted I may then get my head down from about 10am - 12pm, ok so there are obviously questions being asked, about maths or science but as I have moved my working space to be with them I can do this on the fly, the dining table has become the designated working space for all and it is working quite well at the moment.

We all stop for lunch around 12pm and often escape the house for an hour or so, Go for a walk, buy supplies etc then at around 2pm we all get back on with it. By 4pm the kids are wrapping things up and I start getting the dinner sorted. After we eat I will try to get another hour or 2 in, during the evening, but if this doesn't happen thats ok, I always make a note of where I left things so i know where to pick up from the next day. I am a little old fashioned and as I work alone I just use a notepad to keep track, but know that this just doesn't work for a team seperated.

I know that MONDAY works really well for team management, but is pricey and not in everyones budget so have you tried Trello?

I do also use Toggl to keep track of the jobs I am doing and the time spent on each task, When working for multiple clients it means I can switch between clients and know how much to bill each for my time each month.

I guess the important thing to remember while we are all waiting with baited breath for the world to reopen and normallity to resume ( well as normal as it can be ), that we all stay healthy and though you may be frantic trying to keep your business afloat, taking regular breaks in the day can only mean good things.

So take some time to relax, walk in the sunshine, sit in the garden if you have one, while this whole thing is a headache for so many i cant wait to discover all the lovely little businesses that come out of it buzzing and ready to push the button to grow!

Trello -

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Until next time, don;t forget to download our May planner.

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