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Do we still need to show up?

So I have been pretty quiet on here over the past few weeks, taking a moment to understand this crazy new normal and the seemingly never ending changes we are now facing.

I have been watching and learning and trying to understand and realise a way I can help....

I have sadly watched businesses falter in this odd time and understand the overwhelming hurdles and decisions they face.

I know that the expenses build and build and during this current climate, many are experiencing the issues with covering these expenses without any way to get an income.

As this pandemic sweeps our nation our clients have began to hunker down and stop spending pulling in all those subscriptions and little extras and begin to live with these cutbacks.

But if we can we, must hold on.

We have spent years building what we have to become where we are and we must find ways to stay in our customers thoughts and able to engage with them when they are ready to greet us again.

So how do we do this, easier said than done, right?


Did you know that with more of us are being forced to spend time at home, we are checking our social media more and more, those that are no longer putting in the long commute are off work earlier, which gives us a little more time.

So what do we do and how do we stay available for our clients when we are in lock down?

We show up in their feed, in their stories, we collaborate, we share insightful tips, we post funnies, we engage, we host a Q&A, we go live, we share the struggles of what we are going through, we share home-schooling successes and fails and anything relate-able to industry news or real life news!


Because we have to stick together.

We are all experiencing this crazy time and we have to be there to support everyone we can!

We spent time when growing our businesses nurturing our clients and on boarding them, so now is the time to show them we care all by giving them a little reminder that we are still here and if we possibly can will be here when they are ready to return.

Need help showing up online, not sure which way to turn or how to go live. We love Instagram and it is definitely one of the best places to be!

We want to help you get online/stay online....

We are offering our basic Social Starter package for a huge HUGE discount. Was £95.00 NOW £35.00

This offer is available for the 1st month only, only available for any new customers signing up between 25/03/2020 - 14/04/2020

Get online now to be there for your clients... email us now...


Stay safe.

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